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Tested in Australian Conditions

Here in Australia, our buildings certainly face some pretty challenging weather conditions from extremes of heat and cold, to dust, rain, wind and hail. And it’s for this reason that COLORBOND steel is assessed at outdoor sites around Australia, as well as in accelerated laboratory testing. COLORBOND steel undergoes corrosion testing, durability testing, application testing (to ensure it can be used in a wide range of building and manufacturing applications, and with all the common building products used across the industry) and outdoor exposure testing. As part of the assessment program, there are over 12,000 panels on exposure across Australia, ranging from moderate to very severe marine environments, and from tropical to industrial locations.
BlueScope’s assessment program for COLORBOND steel is designed to replicate building applications in actual Australian conditions. By recreating actual building applications – including varying pitches, profiles, product types and the inclusion of unwashed areas – BlueScope’s assessment regime exceeds Australian testing standards for steel building products, giving a genuine understanding of how COLORBOND steel will perform on real homes.

Make Sure it’s Genuine

Fifty years of Australian research and development has created a range of technologies that give genuine COLORBOND steel its long lasting performance when subjected to some of the harshest Australian conditions. You can make sure you’re getting the genuine article by looking out for the COLORBOND steel branding on the product, or its packaging.
For roofing and walling, check for the ink branding on the reverse side of the sheet. On fencing look for laser branding on either side of each panel; it appears at least three times in each 2.4 m section. For guttering, you can look on the inside for ink branding, and you will find the protective wrapping that your COLORBOND steel arrives in, is branded too. Genuine
COLORBOND® steel garage doors are ink branded. This is an edge brand on the reverse side of the sheeting with ‘COLORBOND steel made by BlueScope’.
Whatever you are building with COLORBOND steel, be it a new home, a shed or a fence, it pays to check that you are getting what you’ve paid for and that the materials used are going to live up to the task – especially if they are protecting your investment from the Australian elements, which put all building materials to the toughest of tests.

Fire Protection

Whether you live, or are planning to build in a bushfire prone area, or simply want to increase the bushfire protection afforded to your home, COLORBOND steel roofing sheet may help protect your property. The CSIRO’s research and investigation into the performance of residential boundary fencing in bushfires (download here) found that “a steel fence offers greater protection to people’s homes against bushfire than other alternative materials because of its non-combustibility”….Of the different materials tested, pre-painted and metallic coated sheet steel (in this case made from COLORBOND steel) performed best under all exposure conditions and in particular when faced with a 30 minute flame immersion test used to stimulate potential effects of an adjacent house fire, which is common during bushfire events.”
COLORBOND steel roofing, walling, gutters and downpipes are also compliant for use in bushfire zones, including the most extreme, BAL-FZ (Bushfire Attack Level – Flame Zone) specified in AS3959-2009. In BAL-FZ “there is an extremely high risk of ember attack and burning debris ignited by windborne embers, and a likelihood of exposure to an extreme level of radiant heat and direct exposure to flames from the fire front.” (Ref. Australian Standard 3959-2009).

Easy to Maintain

Simple maintenance of COLORBOND steel roofing sheet by regular washing with clean, fresh water will not only prolong its life but also maintain its attractiveness for longer periods thus protecting your asset. Applications where the paint finish is naturally washed by rainwater do not usually require this maintenance, e.g. roofing. However, some areas such as wall cladding under eaves, the top of garage doors and the underside of eave gutters are often not washed by rainwater, and so require some attention. Ensure these ‘unwashed’ areas are hosed down at least every six months and more frequently in coastal areas where marine salt spray is prevalent, and in areas where high levels of industrial fallout occur. It is also important to ensure that there is no build-up of debris, such as soil and mulch against COLORBOND steel roofing sheet products.
If cared for in this way, your building components made from COLORBOND steel roofing sheet should give many years of easy maintenance life.





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