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Colour fading is caused by the degradation of the key ingredients in the paint system.

Delamination is the separation of the topcoat from the primer and can be caused by UV effects, poor surface preparation, poor paint formulation, or poor paint/primer specification

Luckily Clean COLORBOND™ solves these two problems.

The effectiveness of any paint system’s depends on a  function of the multiple layers of coating working together to create an effective overall coating.

BlueScope Steel utilises optimum paint formulation and pigment blends coupled  with an oven-baked method of paint application  to provide excellent longterm colour stability for Clean COLORBOND™ steel products.

The proprietary paint system used by Clean COLORBOND™ is as a result of extensive Research & Development testing, including actual field exposure testing in different climates. It has been proven in the Ghanaian climate that the paint system used for Clean COLORBOND™ steel provides superior durability against weathering and Uv penetration when compared with other prepainted steel.

The samples pictured were exposed under the same environmental conditions for the same period of time. The conventional prepainted steel shows significant colour fading, while the Clean COLORBOND™ steel shows very little colour change