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Steel Trusses

  • Strength

Iridak Steel trusses exhibit high strength. The safe working tensile stress of mild steel is about 20 times that of structural timber thereby making the steel trusses very rigid. This is on account of the fact that its angles can resist both compressive and tensile stresses effectively.

  • Weight

The Steel sections forming the trusses are light in weight and do not impose too much load on the building as compared to timber members of the same measured sections. It makes working at heights less dangerous as the installers can haul the sections up without the use of too much energy

  • Design

Iridak Steel Trusses can be fabricated in any desired pattern to suit the architectural requirement. They do not have span restrictions and as such steel trusses can be used for industrial buildings and other such structures where large areas are required to be covered without obstructions due to columns etc.

  • Combustion     

Steel trusses are more fire-resisting than timber trusses. The non- combustibility of steel makes it the first choice for buildings with inflammable products.

  • Speed

On account of their easy erection techniques, the progress of roofing work with our Steel Trusses Ghana is fast. The main assembling is done on the ground and hauled up thereby reducing fixing time and hastening the erection process. This is critical in projects that have deadlines and therefore remain the first choice

  • Preservation

There is no danger of the material being eaten away by termites, white ants, borers, fungus, or other insects. Therefore the element of cost in using preservatives like solignum, creosote, dursban, etc is eliminated.

  • Economy

Thus steel trusses work out to be economical, especially for biggest spans. The sections can be obtained in any desired form or length to suit the requirements and there is not much wastage of the material in cutting, etc.

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