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Iridak roofing systems Limited, a trusted name in the Ghanaian Roofing industry still remains the number one choice for prospective and existing home builders who want Peace of mind. The company over the past years has been providing quality roofing sheets and accessories backed with superb customer service leaving its clients coming back for more.

Iridak roof comes in the best quality material known as Premium (Aluzinc) which is an amalgam of Aluminium and Zinc in the right proportion to withstand our weather conditions. Premium (Aluzinc) AZ150, sheets have been pre-coated with exciting colours which provide a perfect surface finishing, concentrated protection against harsh weather conditions and deterioration.

With a lifetime of up to four times than that of ordinary galvanized steel, Aluzinc steel delivers outstanding durability. And our 100% Pure Aluminium roofing sheets and accessories for project locations that have elements of deterioration in the weather especially salt. Projects with close proximity to the sea are liable to rusting thereby promoting the sale of Aluminium which can withstand the test of time

Our corporate vision is to be the first choice for quality, durable, affordable Roofing Products and cladding materials to the building industry in the market we serve.

Iridak roofing Systems, through our well-motivated human resource and technologically advanced methods, seeks to be the leading Roof-Service provider with superior craftsmanship targeted at creating satisfied and contented consumers.


  • Commitment

We are committed to providing quality and durable roofing materials to consumers at great value for their monies.

  • Safety

Since we know that our commitment to service delivery can only be as a result of our workers, we ensure their health and safety beyond the legal requirements by providing an accident-free workplace.

  • Employee Empowerment

We have adopted an error embracing environment by encouraging our employees to take initiatives that can make them give off their best with regards to our vision

  • Innovation

Pursuing new ideas and research into methods and techniques that will continually position our roofing materials on top of competitors for great customer satisfaction

  • Excellent Customer Service

We see our Customers as the core reason for our existence. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring their utmost satisfaction. We establish a relationship with our customers that go beyond selling our products

  • Lifetime support to your roof
  • Professional craftsmanship
  • Premium Aluzinc(AZ150) and 100% Aluminium sheets at affordable prices
  • 24/7 after sales service on dedicated hotlines
  • Long term material durability
  • Free office and on-site technical advice
  • Sheets produced to customer specification
  • Free Estimates within Accra
  • Unmatched short delivery time
  • Excellent customer service